2019 is well underway, and we’re seeing some interesting trends gaining traction as the year passes. Style, selections and even features are taking center stage. Here, we’ll highlight

Green Flooring Selections

Eco-friendly engineered flooring

The trend towards flooring options with minimal environmental impact continues, and there have never been more options available. From recyclable carpet to engineered hardwood, nearly every flooring type includes selections engineered with conservation in mind. Newer floors are also easier to clean, reducing the volume of chemical cleaners that must be sold and used.

Some of the most environmentally friendly options include: cork, bamboo, and recyclable carpet. Engineered hardwood is also an especially popular Eco-friendly choice. It’s still composed of authentic wood, but uses a layered design built from the sawdust left over from building other hardwood floors. In other words, it reuses wood that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.

Rustic Charm

Rusic hardwood flooring

The rustic look has been gaining traction for a few years, but it has been making its way to flooring in a few unique ways. For example, the hand scraped aesthetic has become especially popular among hardwood and wood-look flooring.

Darkly Toned Hardwood Flooring

Grey wood-look flooring in a kitchen

Although the rustic look is trending, some still prefer a more modern approach.

Hardwood flooring (even engineered) is rarely suitable for kitchen installations. That’s why we emphasize wood-look flooring; and the gray-wood look is taking kitchen design by storm. Dark tones are trending especially well, although lighter tones work as well.

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