One of the top reasons homeowners choose hard surface flooring over carpet is the mess that results from something as simple as a spill. Traditionally, that’s all it took to stain carpet, degrade its construction and even soak through to the subfloor. There, it would lead to a host of problems, including mold and mildew (both of which can be difficult to identify). However, many modern carpet selections are not only moisture resistant, but completely waterproof. In fact, many of these carpet lines are actually more resilient to spills and moisture than some hard surface options. So with more snow on the way for Northwest Arkansas, we’ll take a quick look at the top features and selections of waterproof carpet.

Waterproof Carpet Fibers

Traditionally, carpet spills were difficult to clean because the fluids could actually absorb into the fibers themselves. Some materials were better than others at moisture resistance, with nylon leading the way. Many modern fibers are designed to do the opposite: they actually repel liquids and, sometimes, even the stains themselves.

Anso nylon is an example and one of the most effective options. It takes what’s already regarded as the highest performing carpet fiber and enhances it further. Anso nylon is completely waterproof, designed to repel stains and lasts much longer than most carpet fibers.


R2X is a popular carpet treatment that protects carpet fibers from moisture without changing their texture (so the carpet remains soft). Although it’s often applied during manufacturing, carpet can also be treated after installation. Once applied, R2X protection lasts for years.

Waterproof Backing

Waterproof fibers are great, but there’s still the issue of spills soaking through to the subfloor. Fortunately, several lines of our carpet also feature a completely wateproof backing. LifeGuard™ is an industry-leading example of this technology, employing a clever design that repels moisture from spills and even humidity. This keeps liquids sitting above the carpet’s surface, allowing the subfloor to remain dry. Even better, spills don’t always have to be cleaned right away to prevent further damage.

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